The Chalet du Lac restaurant
Put the small dishes in the big ones

Designed as a large country guest house

The Chalet du Lac combines the enhanced charm of an iconic gathering place of yesteryear with a gourmet and festive program, half retro, half contemporary!

From snacking in the sun to gourmet dining among food lovers, the house welcomes its day guests and evening epicureans around a modern and friendly Trattoria variation.

Lunch on the terrace, brunch facing the lake, private dinner... Every weekend, the Chalet du Lac opens its restaurant doors for a moment of conviviality, in the calm of the edge of the woods, or facing the dance floor!

The Chalet du Lac offers a new, contemporary, and colorful menu, adapted to the whims of the moment. On the plate as well as at the terrace bars, healthy and tasty products, with gourmet flavors.

Book your table at the Chalet du Lac

Savor unforgettable moments in an idyllic setting by booking your table at the Chalet du Lac now. Let yourself be seduced by refined cuisine, impeccable service, and a breathtaking view of the lake, for a gastronomic experience that promises to engage your senses and leave an indelible mark on your palate. Don’t wait any longer, make your next meal an event at the Chalet du Lac.