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The Chalet du Lac is located in the heart of Vincennes in Paris, in the 12th district. Enjoy a soothing environment whether with friends or family. By choosing the Chalet du Lac, you opt for an enchanting setting that will impress your guests. Our elegantly decorated rooms and terraces offering breathtaking views of the lake create a magical atmosphere for your birthday. It’s the perfect blend of elegance and nature, providing a picturesque backdrop for your party, thus promising everlasting memories.

Come blow out the candles in this magical place where every moment is an invitation to celebration. The Chalet du Lac becomes the ideal setting to immortalize the moment you make a wish, surrounded by your loved ones under the starry Paris sky. The gentle breeze from the lake will add a touch of magic to your evening, making the candle flames dance and their light twinkle in your eyes. A suspended moment, a promise of a radiant future, celebrated in a place where time seems to stop to honor your joy.

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4 available and adaptable rooms for a successful birthday

Tournesol Lounge for Privatization in Paris

Tournesol Lounge

220 m² - 200 people

Main hall available for privatization

Main hall

800 m² - 1200 people

Restaurant veranda for privatization


120 m² - 120 people

Restaurant terrace for privatization


1500 m² - 1200 people

Restaurant for birthday in Paris
Entertainment and musical atmosphere for the celebration

A festive restaurant in Paris for an unforgettable experience

Whatever the atmosphere you are looking for, the Chalet du Lac will meet your expectations. Entertainment, DJ, live music: we have all the resources to create a festive and dynamic ambiance. Our goal is to enliven your party with custom-tailored entertainment that reflects your style and preferences, ensuring a joyful and engaging birthday.

Recognized as one of the most festive restaurants in the capital, the Chalet du Lac is the ideal place to celebrate your birthday. Our passionate and attentive team will ensure that every moment is festive and memorable. Committed to making your event a success, we pay special attention to creating an ambiance that reflects joy and festivities.

Personalized services for a tailor-made birthday

Refined cuisine for your birthday

Our talented chefs prepare personalized menus with delicious and creative dishes, blending tradition and innovation, to delight your guests and make your birthday a gastronomic celebration. Each dish is designed to surprise and excite the taste buds, contributing to a culinary experience that remains etched in memory.

Experience a unique birthday by choosing the Chalet du Lac, an iconic place in Paris. Located in a green and soothing setting, this place offers an idyllic decor for a memorable celebration. Whether it’s for an intimate birthday or a grand celebration, the Chalet du Lac provides a luxurious setting that promises to transform your event into an unforgettable occasion.

At the Chalet du Lac, every birthday is unique. We offer personalized services to ensure your event reflects your tastes and preferences. Our dedicated team assists you in organizing and customizing your party, ensuring that every detail contributes to the exclusivity and success of your celebration.

Restaurant for birthday in Paris

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By choosing the Chalet du Lac to celebrate your birthday in Paris, you opt for an exceptional venue, where quality service, luxurious setting, and attention to detail combine to offer an unparalleled experience. Do not wait any longer to plan your event and create everlasting memories in one of the most festive restaurants in Paris. We offer exclusive services to make your birthday an exceptional event. Whether you wish for an intimate dinner or a large reception, our flexible spaces perfectly adapt to your needs and desires.