Le Chalet du Lac offers its gift vouchers

The Art of Offering a Dinner at a Restaurant
Celebrate Your Dinners with Style

Offer a Dinner at a Restaurant

Turn special occasions into unforgettable memories by inviting your loved ones to enjoy a sumptuous feast at Le Chalet du Lac. Choose to offer a dinner, brunch, or a lavish banquet in the heart of Paris, allowing your friends or family to experience unparalleled culinary delight.

By opting for a gourmet gift, you are not just offering a dinner at a restaurant, but a true celebration of the senses. Whether it’s for a birthday, a celebration of success, or simply to please, a meal at Le Chalet du Lac guarantees an unforgettable moment.

Choose the elegance and culinary finesse of Le Chalet du Lac to impress and delight the palates of your guests.

Is there an upcoming event like a birthday or a farewell party?

Easily Create a Money Pot

Offer an unforgettable culinary experience in the heart of Paris with Le Chalet du Lac. Whether it’s to celebrate a birthday, a farewell party, a special event, or just to please your loved ones, our online money pot service is the ideal solution.

Easily create your personalized money pot and invite your friends, family, or colleagues to contribute. At the end of the collection period, the pot will be converted into a gift voucher, allowing those you cherish to enjoy an exceptional gastronomic moment at Le Chalet du Lac.

Choose Le Chalet du Lac to offer a taste of excellence and memorable souvenirs and create an online money pot in a few clicks to collect and facilitate the organization of your event.

Get Organized with Online Money Pots
Offer a Memory to Your Friends with Gift Checks
Flexibility and Pleasure for Your Friends

Gift Checks to Offer

Discover the freedom of choice with Le Chalet du Lac’s gift checks, the perfect option to celebrate each occasion in a unique way. Our gift checks are adaptable to all your wishes and can be used for a variety of services within our establishment.

Whether you wish to offer a gourmet dinner, a special evening, or any other service we provide, flexibility is key. Opt for a predefined amount or customize your gift by choosing the amount you desire.

With Le Chalet du Lac’s gift checks, you offer more than a meal; you offer an unforgettable experience.