A must-visit address for a memorable wedding

The Chalet du Lac: The perfect setting to celebrate your wedding in Paris

Nestled in the heart of Vincennes in Paris in the 12th district, the Chalet du Lac is more than just a place; it is an experience that transcends the ordinary to make your wedding a legendary event. Its reputation is well-established: between nature and architecture, the Chalet du Lac offers a chic and bucolic setting to celebrate your union. Imagine your wedding in a romantic decor, your union in a festive ambiance, a wedding reception with your family and friends that is warm and memorable. Each space in our establishment adapts to your desires to transform your wedding into a unique and unforgettable experience. Make this enchanting place the setting for your precious moments and enjoy an environment where every detail is considered for your satisfaction. The Chalet du Lac is more than a restaurant, it is a venue rich in history.

A renowned restaurant for an exceptional wedding reception

A catering service that rises to the occasion of your wedding

Choosing the privatization of the Chalet du Lac for your wedding is opting for an exceptional gastronomic adventure. You will offer your guests an unmatched culinary experience. Our restaurant is known for its inventive cuisine that highlights seasonal products from the best local producers.

Each dish is designed to awaken your senses and elevate your event. Our chef and his team offer you creative, refined cuisine adapted to your preferences, made with products selected for their freshness and quality. Let yourself be seduced by a personalized menu that will delight your guests’ palates and add a distinctive gastronomic dimension to your wedding. We are committed to making your celebration a memorable culinary experience.

Catering service for weddings in Paris
Create a wedding event that reflects you

At the Chalet du Lac, each wedding is unique.

We make it a point of honor to personalize your celebration according to your desires. Our dedicated teams will work with you to create an ambiance that reflects your personality and your story, whether through the choice of menu, the decoration, or the layout of the spaces. Located near the main Parisian attractions, the Chalet du Lac is easily accessible for all your guests, while offering a getaway from the urban hustle.

The Chalet du Lac is not just a reception venue; it is a destination where every detail is thought out to enrich your special day. From the natural elegance of its spaces to the finesse of its cuisine, everything is orchestrated so that your wedding is not only beautiful but also imbued with personality.

With many years of experience in event organization, we have mastered the art of creating weddings that make an impression. Whether you dream of a large lavish wedding or a more intimate ceremony, the Chalet du Lac can be configured to meet all your expectations. Our chef and his team will be pleased to design a tailor-made menu that will excite your guests and make your reception truly unforgettable.

Celebrating a Wedding in Paris
High-end cuisine for Weddings

High-end cuisine

Our chef has decided to delight your guests, offer your guests an exceptional culinary experience with our high-end catering service for your wedding. We work only with fresh and quality ingredients.

Organizing your wedding in Paris

Expertise and know-how

Enhance your wedding reception with the excellence and expertise of our team, enriched by years of experience in wedding organization, to transform your celebration into a memorable and exceptional event.

Celebrating a Wedding in Vincennes

An ideal location

Choose an idyllic setting for your wedding with our privileged location in Vincennes, near Paris, where the proximity of the lake and the serenity of nature promise to make your event magical and unforgettable.

Restaurant capacity


200 people for cocktails and 90 for seated meals

Private room


220 m² indoors

Restaurant location


Edge of the Bois de Vincennes, Avenue de Bel air, 75012 Paris

Restaurant with bespoke catering service

Catering Service


Restaurant with parking in Paris


Saint-Mandé Town Hall

Access by bus and metro



Room to Privatize for a wedding in Paris
Excellence at the service of your wedding

The perfect backdrop for the wedding of your dreams

Choosing the Chalet du Lac for your wedding is opting for a venue that values every moment and turns your celebration into a work of art. Our spaces can accommodate your most ambitious dreams and offer your guests an extraordinary experience. Do not wait any longer to make the Chalet du Lac the place where your wedding memories will come to life, where every moment will be imbued with magic, and where your love story will be celebrated in all its splendor.

We invite you to discover the Chalet du Lac, where your wedding will be celebrated with the distinction and attention it deserves. Contact us to plan your visit or for more information on our personalized services. At the Chalet du Lac, your wedding will be a celebration of excellence, worthy of your aspirations for this very special day.

The Chalet du Lac, the ideal place for your wedding

Are you ready to make the Chalet du Lac the romantic setting for your union in Vincennes? Our team is eager to welcome you to celebrate this exceptional love. Contact us today so that we can explore the endless possibilities together and begin organizing a wedding that will be etched in memories. We are dedicated to turning your vision into a dazzling reality, making your big day an unforgettable celebration.