Experience an unforgettable evening: dance and festivity guaranteed

Come party and have fun at the Club du Chalet du Lac

Discover a myriad of dance evenings at Club du Chalet du Lac in Vincennes: tea dances, clubbing nights, concerts, swing balls, tango, 80s nights, and Latin, salsa evenings, all animated in a dazzling space under a Starck disco ball. In a festive and musical atmosphere at night, you can come to party in Paris. Our diversity makes us a top destination for dance enthusiasts of all styles, promising memorable and vibrant evenings. Each event is an invitation to immerse yourself in a world where music and dance harmonize, offering a captivating experience.

Festive restaurant for dancing in Paris

Dive into the festive ambiance of Parisian evenings

Whether you love intense rhythms or enchanting melodies, Club du Chalet du Lac is the place to be. Enjoy our bar with innovative cocktails and selected drinks to enhance your evening. Celebrate with friends, as a couple, or solo, and succumb to the dancefloor at Club du Chalet du Lac, where every step leads you through the night.

Club du Chalet du Lac, a true paradise for party-goers and lovers of dance and music, offers a wide spectrum of events covering all genres and moods. Our 600 m² space is designed for total immersion, combining comfort and excitement. With its dance floor illuminated by a giant disco ball, the Chalet becomes a setting for dancing under magical lights. Our dedicated and passionate team strives to create a warm atmosphere, encouraging everyone to let loose to the catchy rhythm. Discover a welcoming and inspiring place, where every evening turns into an exhilarating celebration of dance and music.

Club du Chalet du Lac, the ultimate place to dance in Paris

Energize your weekends with our clubbing nights and live concerts

Transform your nights into unforgettable parties with our clubbing nights and live concerts. Looking for a festive restaurant in Paris? Club du Chalet du Lac is the ultimate party destination in Paris, a lively stage for captivating performances. Our talented DJs and artists immerse you in a vibrant world of music and dance. Our meticulously curated lineup ensures energetic evenings, reflecting the Parisian dynamism.

Dive into nights where energy and joy prevail, in the heart of the capital. With a diverse selection of renowned DJs and themed nights unlike any other, the Chalet promises memorable experiences where music, dance, and friendliness intertwine. Discover Club du Chalet du Lac, a true gem of Parisian clubbing nights, nestled in the verdant setting of the Bois de Vincennes.

Best clubbing night in Paris

A perfect fusion of timeless charm and captivating modernity, this emblematic venue of Parisian nightlife becomes, at nightfall, a haven for festivity enthusiasts. Club du Chalet du Lac reinvents itself every night, offering you the best Parisian evenings. Here, each event is an ode to joy, a place where each night is a unique adventure.

DJ and Live Music evenings not to be missed

Discover the additional dimension of our DJ and live music evenings, where creativity meets overflowing energy. Beyond current sounds, let yourself be seduced by a variety of musical genres ranging from electro to funk, from hip-hop to electronic jazz, ensuring a rich sound environment and a vibrant atmosphere. At Club du Chalet du Lac, our DJs and live musicians constantly innovate, merging eclectic rhythms to create unique and memorable sets.

The atmosphere of the Chalet transforms into a true sound laboratory where each performance is an adventure, a discovery. Enjoy a state-of-the-art sound system and captivating visual effects that complement the immersive experience, plunging you into the heart of the music. Engage in this celebration of life and creativity, and let Club du Chalet du Lac become your sanctuary of music and joy.

Clubbing Rates - Dinner 8:00 pm-10:00 pm - Club 10:00 pm - 5:00 am

  • Entry 16.00 €
  • Entry + 1 soft drink 20.00 €
  • Entry + 1 alcoholic beverage 25.00 €
  • Coat check mandatory, flat rate 2.00 €

Dinner 8:00 pm-10:00 pm - Club 10:00 pm - 5:00 am

Entry 16.00 €
Entry + 1 soft drink 20.00 €
Entry + 1 alcoholic beverage 25.00 €
Coat check mandatory, flat rate 2.00 €

Themed Evening in Paris
The agenda of theme party events

Travel through time with our themed evenings

Discover the timeless charm of our themed evenings, where we reinvent past eras with unmatched zeal and authenticity. Want to dine in a festive setting and then hit the dance floor? Beyond Swing, Tango, and the fervor of the 80s, dive into the worlds of Disco, Rock’n’Roll, or even Charleston.

Our events are odes to the decades that have marked the history of music and dance, enriched by period accessories and thematic animations that revive the spirit of bygone times. Let yourself be transported by a mosaic of musical and choreographic styles, ensuring a cultural and temporal escape.

Give in to the rhythms of Latin and salsa nights

Elevate your experience with our Latin and Salsa nights, which go beyond traditional rhythms to offer a panorama of Latin culture. Immerse yourself in the diversity of this culture, discovering not only salsa and classic Latin rhythms but also Bachata, Merengue, or Reggaeton.

Our evenings are open windows to a vibrant and colorful world, where live music, dance demonstrations, and interactive workshops invite you to a celebration of joy and passion. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced dancer, let the energy and warmth of our Latin nights create authentic moments of sharing and celebration.

Dance the waltz in Paris
New Year’s Eve party in Paris

Experience dance afternoons and tea dances

Experience the distinction of our tea dances, ideal occasions to celebrate elegance and conviviality. These gatherings are privileged moments to create connections, share laughter, and appreciate the beauty of dance. The chic atmosphere of Club du Chalet du Lac, combined with our hospitality, makes each tea dance unique, an opportunity to fully immerse in dance, relax, and enjoy a moment of quality. Let yourself be transported to a space where time stands still, opening the way to the pleasure of dance and pleasant company.

At Club du Chalet du Lac, every detail aims to enrich your experience. Discover a unique place for your dance desires. Our dance floor and state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment promise highlight moments. Whether you wish to learn, improve, or simply have fun, our range of events meets all your expectations. Join us and live your passion for dance in an unforgettable setting. We invite you to dive into the fascinating world of dance at Club du Chalet du Lac, a place where every corner holds a story, every evening offers a new discovery, and every dance step awakens an emotion. Join our community and let Club du Chalet du Lac become the theater of your dancing passions.

Dance Tea Rates - Monday 1 pm-9 pm and Saturday: 1 pm-6 pm

  • Entry 12.00 €
  • Entry + 1 soft drink 15.00 €
  • Entry + 1 alcoholic beverage 16.00 €
  • Coat check mandatory, flat rate 1.00 €

Monday 1 pm-9 pm and Saturday: 1 pm-6 pm

Entry 12.00 €
Entry + 1 soft drink 15.00 €
Entry + 1 alcoholic beverage 16.00 €
Coat check mandatory, flat rate 1.00 €

Dance the tango in Paris
Dance the Charleston in Paris

Enjoy the elegance of gala evenings and balls

Immerse yourself in the heightened luxury and refinement at our Gala and Ball evenings, which transcend the ordinary to offer you immersion in opulence. These events, set in one of Paris’s most prestigious venues, are masterpieces of sophistication and splendor, designed to dazzle and inspire.

Club du Chalet du Lac becomes the epicenter of timeless elegance, where glamour meets tradition in a harmonious ballet of fashion, music, and dance. At Club du Chalet du Lac, Gala and Ball evenings are not just events, but magical moments, journeys into a world of beauty and grace where every dance, every note, every interaction is imbued with art and passion. Engage in this sublime celebration, and let these evenings transform your moments into precious memories, steeped in cheerfulness and festivity.

Get in the mood, let’s the party begin

Head to Club du Chalet du Lac in Vincennes, where every evening promises magic, sharing, and emotion. Dance, live, celebrate – your next memorable adventure awaits! Don’t miss the excitement of Parisian nights at Club du Chalet du Lac, where the fusion of dance and music creates festive moments.